"Dances of the College"
A list and manual for dances known by College members, compiled and edited by Tristan d'Avignon

Basic Description:
These are the dances that I have taught, or assisted in teaching, to members of the College during dancing sessions at our Wednesday meetings. I have attempted to cover a broad range of SCA dances, including Arbeau bransles (Orchesographie, 1589), Caroso cascarde (Il Ballarino, 1581), popular 15th century dances (Italian, Gresley and basse danse) and SCA inventions. A glossary is given at the end of the manual, detailing how my shorthand should be interpreted in relation to the relevant dance.

New in Version 2.61: Made minor reconstruction clarifications and entered additional formatting.
New in Version 2.6:
Added Lorayne Alman, Black Alman, Gelosia and Eglamour; fixed some small reconstruction and glossary issues.

dancesofthecollege.pdf (93 Kb)

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