This page documents the various projects undertaken by our Collegians in the Arts and Sciences, deals with useful links for aspiring medievalists to get to grips with some of the basic garb, recipes and entertainments, and also provides direct access to the websites of other related medieval re-enactment groups. To report a broken link, please contact Tristan.

To learn about Saint Dionysius of Alexandria, the College's patron saint, click here.

Tristan's Musical/Dancey Stuff:

Title Description Version
Cecelia Rose
An ayre in four parts composed by Tristan d'Avignon, on commission from Sir Inigo Missaglia for his Lady, Cecelia Lyon
Final, 27/11/06
The Lady Cecelia Lyon Her Galliard
Composed for four-part recorder consort by Tristan d'Avignon, based on the ayre "Cecelia Rose" (above)
Final, 27/11/06
Making the Transition from Guitar to Lute
A reference for students of the classical guitar wishing to know more of its Renaissance and Baroque predecessor
Final, 30/11/06
Origins of Western Music 450 - 1300
A short study in the development of medieval music
Final, 31/1/07
Transcribing White Mensural Notation and Lute Tablature
A guide to transcribing period musical sources into modern notation for performance
Final, 11/4/07
Dances of the College
A list and manual for dances known by College members
2.61, 24/8/07

All-Around A&S Sites:
Stefan's Florilegium Archive
Kingdom of Lochac Arts & Sciences
Kingdom of Atlantia Arts & Sciences Links
Master Gregory Blount of Isenfir's Arts & Sciences

General Tips and Persona Sites:
Silver Desert's Chatelaine Corner; Tips for the SCA
de Vieuxchamps' Persona Pages; 14th-century France
Sofya la Rus' 13th/14th-century Medieval Russian Life

de Vieuxchamps' Men's Garb and Women's Garb of 14th-century France; Custom Corset Pattern Generator
Cynthia Virtue's Medieval Clothing Pages
Karen's Sewing Korner: In Search of the Perfect Corset
Marie Chantal Cadieux's 14th-century Costumes and their Construction
Jen Thompson's Festive Attyre
Lynn McMasters' 16th Century Embellishments
Margaret Roe Designs
Susan Chilver's My Lady's Wardrobe [live but no content at time of last check]
Marilee Cody's Images of Tudor England
Donna Bella Lucia da Verona's Realm of Venus; Late Renaissance Italy
Mistress Oonagh O'Neill's Historical Dress Website

Honour Horne-Jaruk's Rob-Peter-Feed-Paul Feasts
David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook's To Make a Feast

The Golden Dream
The Golden Stag Players

Music and Dancing:
Playing the Pipe and Tabor
Mistress Katherina von Regenspurk's Renaissance Dance Pages
Master Delbert von Strassbourg's Del's Dance Book

Other SCA Groups:
The Barony of Ildhafn (Auckland)
The Canton of Cluain (Hamilton)
The Shire of Darton (Wellington)
The Barony of Southron Gaard (Christchurch)
The Proto-College of Saint Kessog (Dunedin)
The Barony of Rowany (Sydney)
The College of Saint Ursula (Sydney)
The Kingdom of Lochac (Australia and New Zealand)
The Kingdom of Caid (Southern California, USA - New Zealand's former governing Kingdom)

SCA Administrative Groups:
SCA New Zealand, Inc.

SCA, Inc. (Worldwide)

Associated Non-SCA Groups:
Auckland Sword and Shield Society
The Argent Lords
Fanyare (University Tolkien Club)
Gathering Darkness Discussion Forum
New Zealand School of European Martial Arts
Company of the Lance
Medieval Living History New Zealand
Ordo Cygni

Festival Pages:
St Catherine's Faire
The Bloth
Canterbury Faire
Rowany Festival

More links will be added here as we find more useful things lurking around the Internet. If you would like to have your link added here, please e-mail Tristan.